Limitation on Data and Success Rate Claims

The information regarding the success rates and business benefits of our AI chatbot services presented on this website is derived from aggregated statistical data and industry benchmarks. While we strive to accurately represent the potential advantages of integrating our chatbot solutions, it’s important to understand that these figures are generalized and may not directly correspond to every individual case or scenario. The effectiveness and outcomes of deploying our chatbots can vary significantly depending on numerous factors unique to each business, including but not limited to the specific implementation strategy, the nature of customer interactions, and the overall integration with existing systems and workflows. As such, we cannot guarantee the same results or improvements for all clients and advise a customized assessment to better understand how our chatbot solutions might benefit your specific situation.

Accuracy and Reliability of Chatbot Responses

Our AI chatbot services are powered by advanced language models, including Chat GPT. While these models are designed to generate informative, relevant, and contextually appropriate responses, they are not infallible. There may be instances where the chatbot’s responses could be considered ‘hallucinations’—instances where the information provided is inaccurate, irrelevant, or not based on factual data. It’s crucial for users to be aware that despite the high level of sophistication and continuous improvements in AI technology, chatbot responses should not be taken at face value without further verification, especially in cases involving critical decisions or highly specific professional advice. We continuously work to enhance the accuracy and reliability of our chatbot services, but recommend a cautious approach to interpreting and acting on chatbot-generated information.


We invite our clients and users to engage with our AI chatbot services with an informed perspective, recognizing the incredible potential and current limitations of this technology. For more detailed information or specific inquiries about how our AI chatbot solutions can be tailored to meet your needs, please contact our support team ( support@ninjaibot.com ).